Friday, March 13, 2009

~*~Angel~*~ (FTU)

For this tutorial you need working knowledge of PSP.
Scrap Kit of Choice: I am using the beautiful FTU scrap kit called "Eternal" By Scrappy Expressions. You can find it HERE.
Thanks Hun!
2 Tubes of Choice: I am using the fabulous work of Barbara Jensen. You need a licence to use her work. You can get one HERE.
Mark of Choice: I am using the fabulous Vix_Mask03 by Vix. You can get it HERE.
Thank you hun!
Ready? Let's Go!
Open a New Layer 500x500
Copy and Paste the square frame from the scrap kit. Resize it by 85%.
Copy and Paste the circle frame layer and resize it by 85%.
Place it under the square layer to the left hand corner.
With your magic wand click inside the circle frame. Selections-Modify-Expand by 5. Open a paper of choice. Selections-Invert-Delete. Selections-Invert. Open a tube of choice and place inside the circle frame. Selections-Invert-Delete-Selections-None
Repeat this step for the square layer but expand by 8.
Copy and Paste Flower_1 from the scrap kit. Resize by 80%, Place it on the circle. Add a Drop Shadow.
Copy and Paste Accent_1, Place it above Raster 4. Layers-Duplicate-Image-Flip-Image-Mirror. Add a drop shadow.
Open Flower_2 Place it where you would like it on the square frame.
Open the Ribbon. Use your deform tool to resize it the way you would like it. Place on your tag where ever you would like it.
Open Butterfly Tube. Resize by 60%-Colourize-Hue 147, Saturation 73. Place it where you would like it and add a drop shadow.
Open another paper of choice. Place it above the white background. Open your mask in PSP. Layers-New Mask Layer-From Image. Find Vix_Mask03 check off source luminance, make sure Invert data mask is unchecked. Click ok. Layers-Merge-Group.
Add your name
Add your correct copyright and license number
Save as png. or jpeg.
Your done!
Thank you for trying my tut, I hope you enjoyed it! I would love to see what you make. You can email me your results and I will post them on here @
Any resemblance to another tut is purely coincidental.

Written By: Nicole March 13/09

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